Natural Exfoliating Glove - Tan Removal セール

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The BEST exfoliating gloves:

"Could not speak more highly of this exfoliating glove! It has cut my scrubbing time in half and is soo gentle!"

A revolutionary vegan silk exfoliating mitt that provides deep level exfoliation effortlessly and with allowance for the most sensitive skin. Designed to be used with just water, this one-of-a-kind mitt is intricately woven to remove stubborn self tan, while also gently removing dead skin cells and giving your skin an incredibly smooth finish. Not only is it effective at deep exfoliation, but its unique texture offers unbeatable harmony between gentle yet thorough cleansing. Utilising advanced technology and material construction, this glove exfoliator will truely revolutionise how you remove self tan and exfoliate off old skin cells. Dare we say it’s the ULTIMATE tan removal solution?

Try our Natural Exfoliating Glove today for cleaner and clearer skin than ever before! For those seeking the best exfoliating gloves and fake tan remover mitt around, we have just what you need! Our top exfoliating glove offers dual texture construction to help fight against dry skin, ingrown hairs, and dead skin cells. These will be your go-to exfoliating gloves.

Cruelty Free and Vegan
  • Made from 100% Vegan plant fibres, they’re recyclable and natural.
  • Cruelty free- No harming of silkworms
  • Reusable skincare tool.
  • Handmade in Turkey.
  • Designed and packaged in Australia.

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Natural Exfoliating Glove - Tan Removal


Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
kasey stone
Tanning Mitt

This Mitt is so easy to use and with the elastic stops tan spilling onto wrists and bottom of the palms. It feels nice on the skin and blends the tan so smooth and evenly. Definitely my favourite mitt I have used!!

kasey stone
Tanning Brush

I have been an avid tanner for a few years now and I could never master my hands and always had too much on my face. This brush literally the first go made my hands look so natural and applied the perfect colour and smoothest look to my face. I don’t know what I would do without this brush anymore, it’s a must!!

kasey stone
Ultra dark self tanning mousse

I have used so many self tanning products by so many different brands and this is easily my favourite. It is literally the PERFECT colour it’s so nice, dark and bronzed, it doesn’t go orange or green and looks so natural but deep at the same time! AND It doesn’t come off on my clothes or bed sheets. I love it so so much and would recommend this to people every day of the week. 100% my new go to tan!!

Jasmine Finlay

Absolutely love it. The smell and the colour. I’ve found it stays on really well to even during our hot Australian summers.

Marni Gould
Soft and gentle glove

I tried the tanning mitt for the first time in applying the tan. The easy application of tan mouse to my body using the glove gave a great all over coverage and blended extremely well on hands and feet.

The glove itself is soft and easy to put on your hand and can be used both sides so applying to both sides of your body is effortless. I think this is a fabulous product and would definitely recommend for all users of tan.