Why Choose Mother of Tan? - Best Self Tanning Australia

Why Choose Mother of Tan? - Best Self Tanning Australia

Why Choose Mother of Tan?

Where we're all about bringing back the fun to self-tanning! We know that achieving a natural-looking tan can be a chore, but it doesn't have to be. At our Mother of Tan, we've worked hard to create a great experience for our customers, from the moment our product arrives to when you use it. Add our products your self tanning routine in Australia


Exfoliation Mitt - Is the Key for any Tan

One of the key elements of a flawless tan is exfoliation. We know that exfoliating your skin before applying self-tanner is essential, which is why we're proud to offer an Exfoliating Mitt made in Turkey, made from plant-based fibres. This mitt helps remove dead skin cells, allowing your self-tan to apply evenly for a more natural-looking result. It's like a Turkish Bath experience at home!

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Self Tanning Mousse


Now, you might be wondering how our self-tan is different from other products on the market. We're a hybrid tan of Natural/Organic and fragrance ingredients. The main difference is that our natural-based self-tan is designed to react only with the amino acids in the dead top layers of the skin. This means our product won't penetrate deeply into your skin like chemical-based tanning products might, which could potentially lead to harmful chemicals being absorbed into your bloodstream.

We use organic ingredients in our self-tan, but we're not considered an organic product because we've added a fragrance to our range to help with the DHA smell. Our tanning mousse is closer in colour and speed of drying to synthetic tanners, but we don't use petrochemicals to speed up the drying process. We believe that providing a safe, natural alternative to fake tan is important, while still providing quick drying and unbelievable colour.


Achieve the ultimate glow with your freshly tanned skin! Our Mother of Tan product contains Hyaluronic Acid that will leave your skin moisturised and plump. Incorporating it into your regular skincare or tanning regimen will enhance your overall look and leave you with a natural glow.


"Our brand stands apart from other fake tan companies as we are the ultimate authority in tanning."


Our goal is to ensure that our customers have a pleasant and enjoyable self-tanning experience. To achieve this, we offer an Exfoliating Mitt that helps create a smooth surface for a flawless tan. Additionally, our self-tan products are made with natural ingredients, making them a safe and effective alternative to synthetic tans. With our products, you can say goodbye to harmful chemicals and hello to a beautiful, natural-looking tan.


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