Best Self Tanning Mousse

Best Self Tanning Mousse


 There is 3 main Self Tanning Mousses in the Market


Synthetic Tan vs. Organic Tan vs. Natural Tan: What's the Difference?

When it comes to tanning products, there are generally three categories: synthetic, organic, and natural. Each type of tan has its own unique properties and benefits. In this article, we'll break down the differences between these three types of tans, and help you decide which one is right for you.

Synthetic Tan

Synthetic tans are made from petrochemicals and chemicals. They are cheaper to produce, which makes them popular among consumers. Synthetic tans dry quickly and have a non-sticky feeling, which is appealing to many users. However, the quality of synthetic tans can vary, and some cheaper options may be drying to the skin. Synthetic tans may not last as long as other types of tans, and may cause allergic reactions in some users.




Organic Tan

Organic tans are made from natural ingredients and are healthier for the skin. They are always certified organic and contain higher quality ingredients. Organic tans may not dry as quickly as synthetic tans and can leave a sticky feeling on the skin. They may also cause pimples or allergic reactions in some users. However, they are still a better option than synthetic tans and are recommended for those with sensitive skin.




Natural Ingredient Tans.

Natural tans are made from a combination of natural and non-natural ingredients. They provide the benefits of both synthetic and organic tans, and are easy to use with a fast-drying formulation. Natural tans may not be certified organic, but they use natural ingredients and often have moisturizing properties. They provide a natural-looking tan and usually fade naturally. Natural tans can use stronger scents to remove the normal tan smell.




Mother of Tan

Mother of Tan is a natural-based tanning product with high-end moisturizer. It is not certified organic, but it uses natural ingredients and is a great option for those who want a natural-looking tan. Mother of Tan maximizes the longevity of the tan and provides a great natural fade. The sweetest Strawberry Margarita scent is added to provide a pleasant experience.


Self Tanning Mousse Range

 Health and wellness award 2023 Best Vegan Tan

When using any Tan alway exfoliate before and make sure your skin is completely dry.

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p.s  Please reach out for help with any Self Tanning products and lets see if we can help




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