Why I Hate Self Tan

Why I Hate Self Tan

Embracing Your Inner Glow: The Miracle Tan That Changed My Mind 🌞✨

Today, I’m diving deep into the heart of a dilemma that many of us sun-kissed enthusiasts face, the love hate relationship with fake tan. 🌈🙈 Yes, I'm talking about the dreaded streaks, the unpleasant smell, and the horror of stained sheets. But before you swear off fake tans for good, let me share a game-changing product that has completely flipped my script.
Mother of Tan Invisible Self Tanning Mousse

The Tanning Turmoil

Like many of you, I've always craved that perfect sun-kissed glow. But let's be real  the traditional fake tan experience can be a nightmare. The streaks, the smell, and the sheer effort of it all had me saying, "No, thank you!" I longed for a natural tan but knew the sun's embrace came with its own bag of risks. 🌞🚫

A Glowing Shift

Enter my life-changing discovery: a unique tanning foam that promises to banish all our fake tan fears. This isn't just any product; it's a blend of nature and science, perfectly aligning with Mother of Tan's ethos of embracing your natural beauty, safely. 🌿💖

Why This Product Is a Game Changer

What sets this foam apart? Imagine a tan that applies as smoothly as butter, without the dreaded drip or streak. It's aerated, whipped to perfection, and kind to every part of you—right down to those pesky dry patches. Plus, its natural-looking finish will have people asking, "Have you been on holiday?" 🏖️✈️.

Our Invisible Self Tanning Mousse has no top coat so you can apply any time and it has 100% guarantee will not transfer on to your clothes or sheets.

before and after invisible self tanning mousse

My Personal Journey to a Golden Glow

I was skeptical at first, having been let down by so many products before. But from the moment I smoothed on this heavenly foam, I knew it was different. The application was not just easy; it was enjoyable—a moment of self-care that left me glowing inside and out. And when I rinsed off to reveal a golden hue that whispered Beach holiday rather than bottled tan, I was sold. It has heavenly fragrance of strawberries not like  smell of medicine strawberries more like Strawberry Daiquiris  🌊💫

Mother of Tan's Seal of Approval

We at Mother of Tan believe in products that celebrate and care for your skin, embodying the beauty of the natural world. This tanning foam is a testament to that belief, offering a glow that's not just skin deep. It's about feeling confident, radiant, and true to yourself. And isn't that what beauty is all about? 💕🌺


Your Path to a Flawless Tan

Ready to embrace your inner glow? Here are a few tips to make your tanning journey as smooth as your soon-to-be golden skin:

  • Exfoliate: Prep your skin to ensure an even application.
  • Apply evenly: Take your time to apply the foam smoothly.
  • Wear loose clothes: After application, opt for airy fabrics to let your tan develop perfectly not to worry about transfer but allow the time for the tan to be on the skin to develop and not have your clothes rub it off.

Embracing a beautiful, natural-looking tan has never been easier. So, why not give it a try and see how it transforms your tanning game?


  1. Will it stain my sheets?
    • No, No and No, it won’t transfer to fabrics!
  2. How long does the tan last?
    • Enjoy your glow for up to a week or more with proper care.
  3. Can I use it on my face?
    • Absolutely, it’s gentle enough for facial use.
  4. How quickly does it develop?
    • See your full golden glow develop in 6-8 hours.
  5. Is it suitable for all skin types?
    • Yes, it’s designed to be kind to every skin tone and type.

There you have it, lovelies—a tan that lets you shine naturally, without the fuss. Dive into the bliss of a tan that's as caring as it is stunning. Because at Mother of Tan, we believe in beauty that radiates from within. 🌟💛

Happy tanning, beautiful souls! 🌸✌️

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